About The Oren Farm

Oren Farm – Moshav Netiv HaGdud

About The Oren Farm

We, Haim and Silvi Oren, settled in Moshav Netiv HaGdud in 1981 as part of the moshavim movement’s  ‘Build Your Home in the Jordan Valley’ campaign, which called on young couples after military service to join moshavim in the region and establish farms.

Together with other young couples, we received a share in ‘half a tractor’ to work the land and experienced a variety of experiments with different agricultural crops until we found the crop that was best suited to the climate, the soil and the unique qualities that distinguish us from other regions.

Haim, who came here after completing his studies in Tel Aviv University and us an agronomist by profession, joined the Ministry of Agriculture as head instructor for dates and figs and as regional instructor for grapes in the professional training service.

Silvi, who came here after serving as an officer in the Air Force runs the family farm and specializes in growing grapes and figs for export. We are partners in the moshav’s organic Medjool date plantation, and the highlight of our farm today is the Visitors Center and the oil press for producing argan oil.

The family’s four children all take part in running the farm’s branches, each in their own way.

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Oren Farm is known in Israel and worldwide for its reliability and the quality of its produce.‎ ‎

To visit and see the farm’s activity, you are invited to call:


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