Properties Of Pure Argan Oil

Pure argan oil is regarded as one of the best and most valuable oils in the world. 100% pure argan oil produced from the fruit of the argan tree using advanced automated methods in a lengthy extraction process can be purchased at the Oren farm. 50 kg of fruit are required in order to extract one liter of pure argan oil. The Oren farm aims to market pure argan oil with full responsibility for all stages of production including laboratory tests, from the moment of harvesting the fruit until marketing it to the customer.

In Morocco one liter only of argan oil is extracted from the harvest of 6–8 trees.  In Morocco argan oil has been known for many years as the oil of the ‘tree of life,’ because of its many medical properties, as well as its particularly rich, nutty flavor. In the past decade argan oil has received much publicity in the media in the Western world, by means of studies and articles about the qualities and properties of pure argan oil. These studies and others can be found in the website of the US National Institute of Health and Library of Medicine: ‏‏

Pure argan oil has three main characteristics due to which the argan tree received the nickname ‘the tree of life’: its health properties, its cosmetic properties and its special taste.

Health properties: Argan oil contains a very large quantity of vitamin E, omega acids 3, 6 and 9, the combination of which contributes to the body’s health.
The oil is known for strengthening the body’s immune system and reducing the probability of infections, it affects the balance of the blood pressure, contributes to reducing cholesterol and triglycerides and positively affects the functioning of the pancreas.
In Morocco many medicinal properties are attributed to the oil. They say it has a positive influence on the male and female sex glands and improves fertility. Studies have recently begun that indicate a positive effect of the oil in preventing heart diseases and on the blood system in diabetics and in slowing the development of cancerous cells in the prostate.
These studies and others can be found in the website of the US National Institute of Health and Library of Medicine: ‏‏

Argan oil is also known in Morocco as a material that heals many diseases and skin complaints such as: skin eczema, burns, chickenpox, chafing, diaper rash, minor cuts, hair loss in women, increases the renewal of the cells and benefits dry skin. Pure argan oil is also known for use in treating scars, preventing stretch marks in pregnancy, strengthening nails, etc.

Cosmetic properties: Argan oil is known throughout the world for the extensive use that is made of it for cosmetic purposes. Because of argan oil’s qualities and properties it has a place of honor in the international cosmetic industry.
Pure argan oil is rich in vitamin E, which nourishes, renews, refreshes and resuscitates the skin. It also contains essential fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. Today many cosmetics companies throughout the world utilize the oil’s unique components to manufacture creams and lotions for facial skin that contributes to delaying the appearance of wrinkles.‎ ‎

Argan oil is used in products to strengthen and care for the hair and nails. Squalene, an antioxidant found in argan oil, can be used to prevent dryness and improve the health of the skin and hair by balancing the natural sebum secretion. The oil is particularly known for strengthening the hair filaments and reviving lackluster hair. Pure argan oil coats the hair with a layer that gives it a sheen, joins split ends, helps prevent hair loss in women and strengthens the roots.

Its taste: Argan oil, which is extracted after lightly roasting the kernels, is regarded as one of the most valuable and best oils in the world. The oil’s flavor is similar to that of hazelnuts and many chefs throughout the world use argan oil to season their dishes. Argan oil is regarded as an essential addition when cooking gourmet dishes. It is sufficient to sprinkle a few drops of argan oil as an addition to every salad or dish in order to enrich its aroma and flavor and to create a gastronomic experience in every meal.