Letters Of Thanks

A letter of thanks and appreciation to Silvi Oren of Moshav Netiv HaGdud in the Jordan Valley. One and a half years ago, as part of a day trip to the Jordan Valley region one Saturday, we visited Moshav Netiv HaGdud and the Oren farm and received a lecture and professional explanations about argan oil. As someone who suffers greatly from high cholesterol and high triglycerides as well as high blood pressure and takes pills, I decided to try following Silvi's advice that the oil helps reduce everything I mentioned, and I bought a bottle of argan oil. After finishing the bottle (I drank a spoonful of the oil every morning on an empty stomach when I woke up, and half an hour later I ate and drank regularly), I underwent a blood test and the results were very good. Almost everything that had previously been high was within the normal range. I have been drinking the oil for one and a half years; the tests are balanced and I order three bottles at a time by phone. My order arrives by mail within a day – I live in Holon and the Oren Farm is in the Jordan Valley. I greatly thank Ms. Silvi Oren; the oil is not cheap but it really does the job and balances my blood tests.
Hillel Heiman
I want to tell you about the ways in which I successfully use pure argan oil. Since encountering the oil, I always keep it in my house and the entire family knows where it is. When the children have stings or scratches they know they can go straight to the bottle of oil and massage the injured place. In the case of a sting, it calms the skin and helps reduce redness and swelling. In cases of scratches or chafing, it helps heal the affected area. We have also used the oil on burns and it is surprising how quickly the affected area healed without even leaving signs. I personally use the oil regularly as a facial serum and friends asked me what treatment I have had; particularly after I carried out a simple home peeling treatment before massaging with the oil. I also use the oil to strengthen my nails and for haircare. I am grateful to you for introducing me to this oil and its properties, I use it during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and I also massaged my children with the oil in the first month after they were born. It was important to me to write to you about this and I hope you will publish this because I really believe that every home should keep pure argan oil at hand and make use of its properties in everyday use.
Bar Yosef
Dear Silvi and Haim,
A big thank you
The 15th annual regatta in Tel Aviv in memory of Major Asaf Asulin took place over nine days and was the biggest sailing event in the country, with about 1,700 participants: children, teenagers and yacht owners. In our name – the parents – and in the name of the organizing committee, we want to thank you for your support and donation, which helped us to carry out and conclude the events at a high level and in an appropriate manner. Hoping to continue collaboration order to advance sailing and marine sport in Israel in general and in Tel Aviv-Yaffo in particular, and to commemorate the name of our son Major Asaf Asulin. See you at the 16th regatta, next year!!! Thank you, with appreciation!!!
Naomi Erez Asulin and Amnon Erez
Asaf’s parents and coordinators of the organizing committee
I want to thank you for providing Argan oil to me and my family. I was first introduced to Argan oil when I visited your kibbutz last June. You explained that the health benefits included faster healing of skin after burns. This immediately interested me as I have a two year old granddaughter who suffered 2d and 3rd degree burns last December when she pulled a pot of boiling water on herself. I bought a bottle of the oil to give to my son just to see if it would help my granddaughter's healing. Afew days after I gave the bottle to him, my daughter-in-law called me to say: "What the heck is this stuff? She's healing faster in a few days than I have seen in a month!" That's when I ordered many bottles from you. I have begun to take a tablespoon a day to help fight cholesterol and I have recommended the oil to my friends. I also bought bottles for each of my other children so that they could have it in the house as a first-aid remedy.
Simon Swidler