Cosmetic Use Of Argan Oil

Daily use

In order to nurture and encourage renewal of the skin cells, massaging the face and neck every morning and evening with a drop or two of argan oil after cleansing and drying is recommended. Your skin will look healthy and glow – and the compliments you will receive for it will confirm this!!!


Lemon peeling treatment

This facial treatment renews and lightens the skin and after using it your skin will glow with freshness and vibrancy. The treatment is intended for regular to oily skin.

Carrying out the treatment is recommended once or twice a week only, on clean facial skin:

Cut a lemon in two, dip it into a dish of sugar grains and use it to gently massage your facial skin for a minute or two. Leave it on your face for another two minutes, and afterwards wash your face with warm water and dry your skin gently. End the treatment by massaging the skin of your face and neck with a drop or two of argon oil.

The sugar helps remove dead skin cells and exposes a new, fresh layer of skin, the lemon is a natural acid that contributes to lightening the skin and the argan oil encourages renewal of skin cells.

Before going out in the sun and particularly after peeling treatment you must use a skin cream with a high SPF on your face and neck in order to prevent pigmentation on the skin and prevent early skin ageing.


Please note: this peeling treatment is natural but it is very effective and powerful and therefore you should try it first on a small area of skin before massaging your entire face.  Peeling treatment is not suitable for anyone with thin, delicate skin, skin that suffers from rosacea, thin red visible blood vessels or skin with acne.



Hair care

Place a small quantity of argan oil on the palm of your hand, massage the oil between the palms of both hands and afterwards massage your dry or wet hair with your palms. The oil contributes to fresh, glowing, healthy-looking hair and gives it a texture that is soft to the touch and easy to style.

Massaging the scalp with pure argan oil helps reduce hair loss in women only.