There are several hundred varieties of vines; here in the Oren farm, we grow Flame and Early Sweet grapes. The grape harvest takes place from the middle of May to the beginning of June. Flame: a very successful variety of red, seedless, sweet, very tasty grapes. Warmly recommended for anyone who has not yet tried them. Early Sweet: A sweet, tasty, seedless, light-green grape variety. Serve in the same dish as the Flame grapes for a colorful and tasty winning combination. The vine is one of the seven species of agricultural produce for which the land of Israel was noted. It appears many times in the Bible, in poetry and in folk tales.
The vine is a kind of climbing bush and is a member of the vitaceae family. The vine buds and flowers in the spring, its leaves are wide and are lobed like the palm of a hand. Its tendrils grow very fast (sometimes to a length of 4.5 meters in a season – about 3 cm each day); they are light green and become woody branches at the end of the summer.
Health: why is eating grapes recommended? Grapes are rich in vitamins and minerals, contain effective antioxidants and banish diseases and other troubles. Grapes are a wonderful combination of crispness and sweet juice with delicate sourness and freshness that makes them the preferred fruit, a genuinely natural snack. In recent years it has emerged that the wonderful taste also brings with it a plethora of healthy qualities. Grapes head the list of foods that enrich us with essential nutritious ingredients.
Medical studies discover more and more unique nutritional components that contribute to health and therefore you can enjoy them as ‘summer sweets that grow on the trees.’
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