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Argan oil – from the press

In recent years an increasing number of people have discovered the uses, taste and medical and cosmetic properties of argan oil. In consequence of this great interest, articles have begun to appear in the press and the various Internet portals describing the experiences of people who have tried argan oil, findings of researchers of argan oil, forums of different communities such as for example those of Moroccan Jewry, etc. In this page you can find links to articles that will give you additional information and enrich you with new and different aromas of argon oil.

An article published on the European fruit and vegetables website about our produce – click here

On argan oil: the forum for Moroccan Jewry (in Hebrew) – click here

Argan oil in Wikipedia Click here

Argan, the tree of life – an article in English – click here

Argan, the tree of life – an article in Hebrew – click here

An article about argan trees published on November 27, 2014 in Europe – click here

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