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Moroccan Oil

Try to imagine what the name Moroccan oil says to you; you must certainly be imagining traditional Moroccan dishes with a lot of oil such as we know in Israel. We have news for you. The Moroccan oil known as argan oil is extracted from the argan fruit that grows in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Women in Morocco know about the special properties of Moroccan oil and they have used it for hair and nail care for hundreds of years. Moroccan oil is rich in essential fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, and many vitamins, particularly in vitamin E which keeps facial skin young and strengthens hair filaments.

Moroccan oil is sold in special bottles in its natural form, or after roasting, which gives the oil a special nutty taste. A few drops of pure, natural Moroccan oil on your hair will make your hair shine for several days and give it a fresh, healthy appearance. You can also add Moroccan oil to a mask to give your hair moisture and treat problems of unruly hair that give your hair an electrified appearance. Many women are aware of the properties of Moroccan oil and it is regarded as one of the highest quality oils and is in great demand. One of the main problems with the Moroccan oil is the fact that today some companies dilute the high quality oil in order to cut costs and in this way they harm you, the consumers. Oren Farm markets pure high quality Moroccan argan oil that meets strict international standards.

The Oren farm is punctilious about the quality of the Moroccan oil and, more important, the oil’s purity. Moroccan oil no longer belongs to a particular niche; increasing numbers of people, particularly women, use Moroccan oil as part of their cosmetic routine to care for their hair and their facial skin. We all want to feel better about ourselves, Moroccan oil marketed by the Oren farm does that, thanks to the special vitamins I described previously and their proven effectiveness. I recommend trying the use of the cosmetic properties of Moroccan oil; however, we must warn you that there is one risk using Moroccan oil – you are liable to become hooked on the refreshing feeling, the glow, the taste and the freshness. You’ve been warned!

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