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Oil For Seasoning

When we prepare a particular dish, to give it the final touch, we sprinkle a few drops of seasoning oil in order to enrich the dish. Oil for seasoning is commonplace and some people are unable to eat salad without seasoning it with oil. One of the choice oils for seasoning is argan oil. Argan oil is an oil for seasoning fresh salad, couscous or other dishes; it has a rich taste similar to that of hazelnuts. When you choose oil for seasoning, it’s important to choose an oil that really adds added value to the dish, also health-wise.

Oil for seasoning must be of high quality with an added value. Apart from that, oil for seasoning must have an wonderful aroma. It is said that good food, must be first smelled and then tasted. Oil for seasoning must have an aroma that arouses the senses. In the Oren farm you can buy roasted argan oil that is regarded as one of the best oils for seasoning. Great care is taken to ensure that the argan oil marketed as oil for seasoning meets all the strictest required standards.

Oil for seasoning, certainly for those of us who love oil, is regarded as the crème de la crème of oils. I can say of myself that I am an oil enthusiast and I add oil to every salad. There’s something about the taste of oil flavoring that simply gives a salad added value. Meir Shalev has written much in his books about his love for olive oil whether for seasoning or as a dip with pitta bread.

The oil originates in Morocco and the only people who knew about its taste and quality were the Berber natives who grew the trees from which the oil was extracted. People who came from Morocco have certainly tasted argan oil as it was customary to sprinkle a few drops on couscous before serving in order to give it its final aroma immediately before eating. Today famous chefs throughout the world use argan oil to season their famous high-quality dishes.  High-quality oil for seasoning doesn’t have to be the center of the meal, it only takes a few drops in order to make a mark. At the end of the day, oil for seasoning is added value in a dish, and the higher the quality of the oil and the richer the aroma, the more you can enjoy the meal – and argan oil is such an oil!

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