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Pure Argan Oil For Eating And Seasoning Food

Argan oil, apart from its health properties, is known as a gourmet oil used by chefs throughout the world to season food. Recently there has been a wave of TV programs about the properties of argan oil, its production and how it is used to season gourmet dishes. Argan oil, which comes from the Atlas mountains, has been used by the residents of Morocco for hundreds of years for preparation of food. In recent years it has entered cuisines throughout the world including the Israeli kitchen. A few drops of argan oil add the desired rich, nutty aroma to special gourmet dishes.

People who came from Morocco and tourists who have visited there have experienced the enticing taste of argan oil.

Well-known chefs throughout the world use argan oil in order to augment their dishes and add its special aroma.

The Oren farm produces 100% pure high-quality edible argan oil. The choice argan oil can be purchased and you can enjoy the added value of its quality and taste as well as its renowned health properties.

Pure argan oil is known for its health giving properties that have been, and still are, used by the Berber natives of Morocco for hundreds of years.

The oil’s natural quality and components assist our health; it contains vitamin E and fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, which make the oil particularly attractive.

If you have not yet encountered pure argan oil, you are invited to read the many articles published in Israel and throughout the world about the wonderful taste of the oil and its proven health advantages. The only problem with the oil is getting hooked on using it for food and cosmetic purposes – you’ve been warned!!!

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