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Luxury Oil

Who doesn’t want to enjoy luxury oil for cooking or luxury oil for a massage? A luxury oil gives us a special feeling of uniqueness that every one of us wants to feel. There are many luxury oils for cooking, and one such luxury oil is argan oil. Argan oil is a luxury oil that originates in distant Morocco. Argan oil is used to season special dishes and its taste resembles that of hazelnuts. A luxury oil such as argan oil gives the dish its added value. One of the special things about argan oil that makes it prestigious is the exceptional quantity of vitamin E which is regarded as a most nutritious vitamin and the fact that the argan fruit from which the luxury oil is extracted is in danger of extinction. You can read more about the health properties of vitamin E in Wikipedia.

A luxury oil is also measured by its price and its percentage of pure oil. There are many companies that market oils and try to cause us – the consumers, to believe that the oil they market is a luxury, gourmet oil. It’s very important to look at the small print in order to genuinely benefit from the quality of luxury oil and not diluted oil. The Oren farm markets pure luxury argan oil. Great efforts are invested in order to ensure that you will enjoy a luxury oil at the highest level. From a cosmetic point of view a luxury oil can make the difference between fresh facial skin and dull facial skin. As I already wrote, from a cosmetic point of view the mixture of vitamins that the oil contains has great importance; argan oil for example contains a large quantity of vitamin E and of the fatty acids omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9.

Argan oil meets the criteria for being a luxury oil and therefore it is more expensive than regular oil that can be obtained in every food store. When we invest more money and purchase a luxury oil, we want to receive value for the money we have invested and it is therefore extremely important to ensure that the luxury oil is pure oil that does not contain any other material and/or is mixed with other oils, an important factor that may affect the quantity of vitamins and healthy fatty acids attributed to it.

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